Pg&E Contractor

PG&E (Contractor)

As a PG&E contractor through QUES Utility Engi9neering Services I helped plan Northern California distribution grid for multiple cities, I did the initial planning for 82 overhead distribution projects, and created and edited the construction drawings for another 67 projects.  Projects to include:

  • General Pole Replacement and Maintenance of Degrading Distribution over head Poles,  Improving the Reliability of the Distribution Grid
  • Pole Replacement in the Recent fire areas in Northern California
  • The separation and removal of Banked Transformer Configuration


Overview Of PG&E Elecytic Grid

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Electric Distribution


Collect field data on over head distribution poles, estimate conductor gauge and length, determine accessibility to line trucks based on poles location, use PG&E environmental data base to determine if  environmental  services are needed, calculate pole loading characteristics through a Computer Based PG&E calculation tool, and communicate specific data to PGF&E construction crew and over sight engineer.  As the contract came to a close I also created and edited auto CAD approximately 67 construction drawings.