The following is a collection of recommendation of what people have said about me since 2003 to 2021 ending with a bonus presented by John Rempe President and Chief Executive officer of Balfour Beatty, US Civil.  But the recommendation with the most impact is the first recommendation back in 2003 from a math teacher at my junior college, she gives me great praise for improving class participation then she continues on mentioning how my leadership may be over looked at first and gives more and more examples that  this is not the case.

Balfour Bonus - Awarded By John Rempe President and Chief Executive Officer

OCS Project Engineer-John Cobble Recommendation

FC Contractors Recommendation - CEO FC Construction

Faith Center Construction
P.O. Box 512, Memphis, TN 38028

Lary Smith
FC Contractors
P.O. Box 512
Memphis, TN 38028

Re: Recommendation for Zelalem N. Bell-Sparrow
I am the CEO of FC Contractors for approximately 30 years. Over the thirty years, I have been the leading contractor for many different large-scale government and private contracts. My Firm has built churches, police stations, houses, worked on lead removal projects throughout the city of Memphis as a private and federal contractor.

I have worked very closely with Zelalem N. Bell-Sparrow during the summer of 2017. He served as an on-site electrical engineer on multiple construction projects.

Zelalem has excelled in this role, exhibiting one of the highest level of productivity have seen in electrical engineering during my 30-years with the company.

While working with him, I noticed his positive attitude toward completing a task and noticed his enthusiasm to grow and lean when working on new things. Zelalem took a special interest in the process of applying for government bids and contracts.

Zelalem has a good working ethic without any reservation I highly recommend Zelalem for whatever he desires to achieve, and I hope I will have the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Electrician Recommendation - Electrician Instructor, Lighting Designer, C10 Contractor, Project Manger, Foreman

Lieutenant commander Darrel Wesely - United States Coast Guard

Major General Ernest G. Talbert - United States Reserved Air Force (Retired)

SUBJECT: Recommendation Letter for US Coast Guard Selection Committee

  1. I have known Mr. Bell- Sparrow and his family for more than twenty years and can attest to him being the finest young men that I have ever known. I would describe him as a mature, respectful, self-disciplined, and focused individual.  He is at a tenacious problem solver, who will pursue a problem and/or opportunity to its’ fullest completion.

  1. I am proud to count as one of Mr. Bell-Sparrow’s friends and supporter.  I only regret that I couldn’t persuade him to join the U.S. Air Force.  I give my strongest recommendation that he be offered an appointment within the U.S. Coast Guard. For further recommendation, I can be reached DSN 445-7500


Major General - (Retired)

Anita Wha - Chabot Community College Instructor

To: The U.S. Coats Guard

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to you on behalf of a former student. Zelalem Bell-Sparrow, who is applying for a Coast Guard  Scholarship.  I taught him in three different full-semester classes at Chabot College from Fall 2000 to Fall 2002.  He was  an active participant in class discussion  and come to my office to discuss assignments with me on a regular basis.  I thus came to know him better than I know most students, and feel well qualified to write a letter of reference on his behalf.

Zelalem  was my student in algebra, pre-calculus , and calculus.  Although Chabot College is a community college, our calculus sequence is very demanding , as it must meet high standards to transfer  to the most highly selective universities in the California state system, including UC Berkeley and UCLA.  Zelalem distinguished himself as a serious and hard-working  student.  As a member  of the swim team, he sometimes had a demanding schedule of meets. But his academic work never suffered. His class attendance record was exemplary. In addition to required assignments , he turned in all optional work .

Zelalem is the kind of student who makes a class more productive for everyone.  He was always completely attentive during lecture, and never hesitated to ask or answer questions. In all the classes he took from me, his willingness to participate raised the level of discourse in the class.

Because of his quiet nature. Zelalem’s leadership skill may not be immediately apparent to you in an interview. From my experience with him in class, I know that he is not only a fine leader but also liked and respected by his peer. I once gave a group assignment to my calculus class that had to be  completed in 45 minutes . Each member of the group was to receive one point for every problem done correctly and lose one point for every problem  done incorrectly students chose  their own groups so they mathematically weaker students in the class…

Anita Wha

Chabot College Instructor




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