Selective Coordination, Short Circuit & Arc Flash Studies

Selective Coordination, Short Circuit & Arc Flash Studies

I gathered and compiled site data of  multiple AT&T Data centers and updated their power distribution system records, focusing on their overcurrent protection devices and motor loads.  I  recorded SLGI data  on breaker setting, transformer  X/R factors and impedance, stand by  generators sub-transient and transient impedance and KVA ratings of motors and generators, to get a clear understanding of the factors effecting the power distribution system, after I compiled field data to be imputed into E-Tap and  worked with senior engineers and CAD managers answering any questions of what I saw in the field. To finally perform selective coordination, arc flash, and short circuit  studies.   (110.16, 130.5.(D), and 645.3 of the NEC (NFPA 70.  Required for data centers)

Projects included:

• AT&T Alburn Power System Study

• AT&T Chico Power System Study

• AT&T Fair Field  Arc Flash

• AT&T Fair Oaks Power System Study

• AT&T LDICA02 Arc Flash

• AT&T Mount Shasta Power Study

• AT&T Napa Power Study

• Sac CO waste Management Arc Flash (Equipment Shop)


SKM System Analysis Software

Using SKM System Analysis software I performed selective coordination, and different electrical studies for two distribution systems within a single station for a future electric light rail system.